D•ance A•nd L•ove E•verybody
D.A.L.E / I live and love in London / Photos I take of pretty people and awesome animals / All film and all untouched / Follow on Twitter @D_A_L_E_Slater / All images and words Ⓒ Dale Slater 2011, 2012 & 2013
Sean Hart
Wig and a cast
Somewhere in France
Maeve gets her hair stuck
Fabulous Max Allen
The George & Dragon
Xtina djs
The Griffin
Ashlee & her new St Lucian friends
French kids on tour
Super fans & Owen
Rooftop screening
Rivington Towers
So emo
Rivington Towers
Camille & Honeyblood
Herefordshire, filming the Bud video
Shaun & Patsy (and my sandals)
Church St
To go back
St Lucia
Madde & Lola 
Outfit change!
Ross, Scarlett & Hannah Logic